weekly discussion – nervous system

This week we're discussing the pregnant rule, and this expression contains references to numerous concepts familiar by our literature objectives. That instrument it's a numerous settle to begin a discussion!

Whoa! Mind-controlled Prosthetic Lets Man Move Prosthetic Fingers (Links to an palpable locality.)
LiveScience, February 16, 2016

For your judicious support, you should be using your textbook and the expression above as your original sources to apology the questions adown. The aim of this highest support is to use the notice that you're practicing from your literature objectives. Later, in the comments, I achieve anticipate you to do a bit of learning online and support your comments delay evidence, but in your judicious support gladden adhere to your textbook and the expression(s).

In your judicious support, gladden address each of the following:

  • In the expression, man-made electrodes supposing an interface betwixt the brain and the robotic prosthesis so that when the brain "expressed electrical activity" the prosthesis could meet. What does it average for the brain to "express electrical activity"? What is happening delayin the brain cells?
  • The learningers said that areas of brain "lit up" when the unrepining moved his fingers and when his fingers were stimulated delay bill. Which brain areas do you opine were "lighting up" in each plight?
  • What questions or observations came up as you discover the expression? What did you discover most interesting?