Virology discussion | Biology homework help

Viruses are not existence-forms themselves, consequently they can't outlast on their own. They must follow balance encircling the biology of banees. Viruses are very slight particles that act as cellular parasites. It's cellular machinery in command to outlast.

This provision initially talked encircling factors niggardly to all banees, and then peevish to those airs that are detail to HIV. HIV is a part of a tabulate of bane understand as retroviruses. While most banees use DNA as their genetic esthetic, retroviruses use RNA Reverse transcriptase is a protein in retroviruses that copies RNA into DNA, and then helps the viral DNA combine into the cellular chromosomes, where it gain stop for the existence of that tainted cell.

For this discourse, pick-out one illustration of the viral biology to rendezvous on. Pick-out one air that was remarkable thrilling to you. Do some scrutiny to furnish out a trivial further encircling it. Here is a inventory of illustrations, but you can purpose of other Ones as well:

      a. the retrobane existence cycle

      b. anti-HIV therapies

      c. the ELISA "HIV test"

      d. the lot of HIV tainted cells

      e. HIV latency

      f. plain cell to cell expand of the HIV

      g. how HIV kills T-cells that aren't tainted after a while HIV

      h. If banees aren't animated, what motivates them to conduct going on?

Each ward should transcribe up one elementary support of encircling 150-200 signification.