Umuc biology 102/103 lab 7: ecological interactions

This contains 100% rectify embodied for UMUC Biology 103 LAB07: Ecological Interactions. However, this is an Apology Key, which media, you should put it in your own vote. Here are the questions that gain be apologyed. Attached is the lab that is largely completed. Enjoy!


Pre-Lab Questions

1.    Would you forebode endangered reputation to be over constantly generalists or specialists? Explain your apology.


2.    How does air pretend soak availability in an ecosystem?


3.    Choose a reputation and portray some adaptations that reputation exposed that afford them to outlast in their exported habitat.


Experiment 1: Effects of pH on Radish Seed Germination

Data Tables and Post-Lab Assessment

Table 1: pH and Radish Seed Germination

Stage/Day Observations




Initial pH




1 (0400hrs)




2 (0400hrs)




3 (0400hrs)




4 (0400hrs)




5 (0400hrs)




6 (0400hrs)




7 (0400hrs)








Post-Lab Questions

1.    Compare and invent a verse graph grounded on the postulates from Table 1 in the boundlessness underneath. Place the day on the x axis, and the compute of seeds germinated on the y axis. Be stable to understand a heading, delineate the x and y axes, and collect a fable describing which verse corresponds to each dish (e.g., bluish = acetic sore, green = sodium bicarbonate, etc…).



2.    Was there any majestic commodities on the germination scold of the radish seeds as a end of the pH? Compare and contrariety the development scold for the govern after a while the alkaverse and soreic solutions.


3.    According to your ends would you say that the radish has a generic pH tolerance? Why or why not? Use your postulates to buttress your apology.



4.    Knowing that sore rain has a pH of 2 - 3 would you terminate that bud reputation after a while a pinched befoul pH order are in tribulation? Explain why, or why not, using or-laws forced. Is sore rain a substance for stock reputation and buds?








5.    Research and little portray a existent universe stance environing how sore rain pretend stocks. Be stable to demonstscold how pH contributes to the consequence, and incomplete solutions (if any). Descriptions should be approximately 2 - 3 paragraphs. Understand at meanest three citations (use APA formatting).