Umuc biology 102/103 lab 1: introduction to science answer key

This contains 100% improve esthetic for UMUC Biology 103 LAB01. However, this is an Answer Key, which resources, you should put it in your own utterance. Here is a case for the questions answered:

Exercise 1: Postulates Interpretation  (2 pts each)

1. What patterns do you behold domiciled on the notification in Table 4?

No fish are offer when the dissolved oxygen is naught. When there is elapsed dissolved oxygen in the impart, elapsed fish are offer. However, the estimate of fish tends to descend or roll off when the dissolved oxygen is excellent than 12 ppm.


2. Develop a fancy of to the total of dissolved oxygen measured in the impart case and the estimate of fish beholdd in the substantiality of impart.

Possible Hypotheses:

1.    The total of dissolved oxygen affects the estimate of fish that can subsist in a substantiality of impart.

2.    As dissolved oxygen tension increases, elapsed fish can subsist in the substantiality of impart.

3.    There is an notional dissolved oxygen tension for fish to subsist in.


The cessation of the questions are answered in unmeasured version:

1.    What would your tentative way be to cupel this fancy?



2.    What would be the fractions and hanging variables?



3.    What would be your restrain?



4.    What kind of graph would be divert for this postulates set?  Why?



5.    Graph the postulates from Table 4: Impart Property vs. Fish Population (root at the preface of this exertion).



6.    Interpret the postulates from the graph made in Question 7.




Exercise 2: Tentative Variables

Determine the variables cupeled in the each of the subjoined exemplifications. If conducive, mention and demonstrate any unequivocal or disclaiming restrains.



1.    A consider is nature executed to cupel the proceeds of habitat quantity on the bigness of fish populations. Contrariant bignessd aquariums are set up after a while six goldfish in each one. Over a age of six months, the fish are fed the identical kind and total of help. The aquariums are together maintained and cleaned throughout the exemplification. The sphere of the impart is kept perpetual. At the end of the exemplification the estimate of current fish is surveyed.

A.    Inhanging Variable:



B.    Dependent Variable:



C.   Controlled Variables/Constants:



D.   Experimental Controls/Control Groups:



2.    To mention if the kind of agar affects bacterial augmentation, a linguist cultures E. coli on impure contrariant kinds of agar. Five petri dishes are set up to gather results:

§  One after a while nutrient agar and E. coli

§  One after a while mannitol-salt agar and E. coli


§  One after a while MacConkey agar and E. coli

§  One after a while LB agar and E. coli

§  One after a while nutrient agar but NO E. coli


All of the petri dishes common the identical magnitude of agar, and were the identical cast and bigness. During the exemplification, the sphere at which the petri dishes were shopd, and at the air property remained the identical. After one week the total of bacterial augmentation was measured.

A.    Inhanging Variable:



B.    Dependent Variable:


C.   Controlled Variables/Constants:



D. Experimental Controls/Control Groups:

Exercise 3: Testable Observations

Determine which of the subjoined contemplations are cupelable. For those that are cupelable:

Determine if the contemplation is innate or quantitative

Write a fancy and inoperative fancy

What would be your tentative way?

What are the hanging and fractions variables?

What are your restrains - twain unequivocal and disclaiming?

How gain you gather your postulates?

How gain you offer your postulates (charts, graphs, kinds)?

How gain you excite your postulates?



1.    A establish grows three inches faster per day when placed on a window sill than it does when placed on a on a coffee table in the middle of the help opportunity.



2.    The teller at the bank after a while brown hair and brown eyes is taller than the other tellers.




3.    When Sally eats hale helps and exertions regularly, her respect hurry is 10 points inferior than when she does not exertion and eats fatty helps.




4.    The Italian cessationaurant across the street closes at 9 pm but the one two blocks loose closes at 10 pm.



5.    For the elapsed two days, the clouds enjoy succeed out at 3 pm and it has working raining at 3:15 pm.




6.    George did not snooze at all the obscurity subjoined the set-out of brightness savings.




Exercise 4: Conversion

For each of the subjoined, apply each rate into the designated units.



1.    46,756,790 mg = _______ kg



2.    5.6 hours = ________ assists



3.    13.5 cm = ________ inches



4.    47 °C = _______ °F





Exercise 5: Accuracy vs. Precision

For the subjoined, mention whether the notification is servile, terse, twain or neither.


1.    During gym dispose, impure wards ruled to see if they could strike the continuity of 45 sit-ups in a microscopic. The primeval ward did 64 sit-ups, the assist did 69, the third did 65, and the impureth did 67.



2.    The middle account for the 5th pace math cupel is 89.5. The top 5th pacers took the cupel and accountd 89, 93, 91 and 87.


3.    Yesterday the sphere was 89 °F, tomorrow it’s reputed to be 88 °F and the present day it’s reputed to be 90 °F, equable though the middle for September is merely 75 °F degrees!


4.    Four friends ruled to go out and portray horseshoes. They took a delineate of their results shown to the right:





5.    A topical grocery shop was possession a concupel to see who could most air-tight divine the estimate of pennies that they had internally a big jar. The primeval six herd divineed the estimates 735, 209, 390, 300, 1005 and 689. The grocery clerk said the jar in-fact contains 568 pennies. 



Exercise 6: Indicative Digits and Or-laws Notation

Part 1: Mention the estimate of indicative digits in each estimate and transcribe out the particular indicative digits.


1.    405000



2.    0.0098



3.    39.999999



4.    13.00



5.    80,000,089



6.    55,430.00



7.    0.000033



8.    620.03080


Part 2: Transcribe the estimates underneath in or-laws notation, incorporating what you comprehend encircling indicative digits.


1.    70,000,000,000



2.    0.000000048



3.    67,890,000



4.    70,500



5.    450,900,800



6.    0.009045



7.    0.023