Pre-and post-lab assignment for lab reports 1 and 2

Above associate can be used to avenue the magnitude online . Select lab primers tab . Passage 2 motes and mote.

After you entertain decipher the lab passage twice, tally the aftercited interrogations:

  1. Describe the account hypothesis.
  2. What subatomic particles give to the moteic heap of an mote?
  3. True or False. Your facts conciliate either test or distest your fancy.
  4. Using the aftercited counsel from the interrupted board of elements for Nitrogen, enumerate the reckon valence electrons this mote contains when electrically neutral: Atomic reckon: 7; Atomic heap 14
  5. Describe a polar covalent fastening.

Submission: Comply your tallys by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. Once you entertain feedback from your preceptor, you may income delay the Scientific Method and Chemistry labs. After you comply the lab and precedently Sunday at 11:59pm, foundation a acceptance to the pre-lab record beginning and your preceptor's comments. The resolve of this soul is to animadvert on the labor from the lab. Some interrogations that you can reflect encircling tallying in the foundation-lab are:

  • What interrogations did performing the lab tally?
  • Did the facts foundation the fancy?
  • If the facts did not foundation the fancy, what are some implicit reasons for this?

The foundation-lab is meant to be a animadvertion of your labor during the week on the laboratory. Please include 4-5 statements stint.

 Assignment 2 

Directions: Exhaustive Introduction to the Scientific Method in the lab manual. Scan all the exhaustived pages and comply them as one finish as directed under.

Submission: To comply your finish, cull the associate titled, Lab Recital 1:Introduction to the Scientific Method , over. Use the "Browse My Computer" rush in the Annex Finish area to annex your instrument. Be infallible to exhaustive your patience by choosing the "Submit" rush at the floor of the protect.

Grading: This lab recital is rate 45 points. Your space is enumerated by dividing the reckon of boxes (each box representing a interrogation) delayin your lab manual beginning that were reform by the sum reckon of boxes delayin the lab and multiplying by 45 to enumerate the points you entertain earned. Please singly comply handy labor. If your preceptor cannot decipher your beginning to space, this conciliate end in 0 points earned for this assignment.