Pre-and post-lab assignment for lab reports 1 and 2

Above join can be used to approximation the dimensions online . Select lab primers tab . Condition 2 bits and bit.

After you possess learn the lab condition twice, vindication the subjoined inquirys:

  1. Describe the engagement hypothesis.
  2. What subminute particles give to the minute magnitude of an bit?
  3. True or False. Your facts earn either demonstrate or disdemonstrate your supposition.
  4. Using the subjoined instruction from the interrupted consideration of elements for Nitrogen, mention the estimate valence electrons this bit contains when electrically neutral: Minute estimate: 7; Minute magnitude 14
  5. Describe a polar covalent association.

Submission: Yield your vindications by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. Once you possess feedback from your professor, you may produce after a while the Scientific Method and Chemistry labs. After you yield the lab and precedently Sunday at 11:59pm, column a vindication to the pre-lab record minute and your professor's comments. The object of this temper is to heed on the product from the lab. Some inquirys that you can meditate about vindicationing in the column-lab are:

  • What inquirys did performing the lab vindication?
  • Did the facts patronage the supposition?
  • If the facts did not patronage the supposition, what are some implicit reasons for this?

The column-lab is meant to be a heedion of your product during the week on the laboratory. Please embody 4-5 statements restriction.

 Assignment 2 

Directions: Entire Introduction to the Scientific Method in the lab manual. Scan all the entired pages and yield them as one perfect as directed under.

Submission: To yield your perfect, elect the join titled, Lab Description 1:Introduction to the Scientific Method , overhead. Use the "Browse My Computer" trifle in the Fasten Perfect area to fasten your muniment. Be safe to entire your acquiescence by choosing the "Submit" trifle at the depth of the mitigate.

Grading: This lab description is estimate 45 points. Your remove is mentiond by dividing the estimate of boxes (each box representing a inquiry) after a whilein your lab manual minute that were punish by the sum estimate of boxes after a whilein the lab and multiplying by 45 to mention the points you possess earned. Please simply yield handy product. If your professor cannot learn your minute to remove, this earn consequence in 0 points earned for this assignment.