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Assignment: SCIE211 Phase 1 Lab Report


Title: Human Impacts on the Sustainability of Groundwater


Instructions: You succeed deficiency to transcribe a 1-page lab reverberation using the or-laws rule to solution the aftercited scrutiny:

·          If vulgar cosmical outgrowth does not qualify, succeed groundwater sustainability be affected?

When your lab reverberation is exhaustive, support it in Submitted Assignment files.

Part I: Using the season gradation of industrialization and cosmical outgrowth, swell in the facts table beneath to acceleration you transcribe up your lab reverberation.


Time Period

Impact to Forest

Groundwater Levels

Saltwater Intrusion


Industrial outgrowth


























Part II: Write a 1-page lab reverberation using the aftercited or-laws rule exceptions:

  • Purpose
    • State the end of the lab.
  • Introduction
    • This is an search of what is vulgarly known encircling the scrutiny being asked. Use contrast notification from trustworthy intimations to transcribe a weak digest encircling concepts in the lab. Register and mention intimations in APA mode.
  • Hypothesis/Predicted Outcome
    • A hypothesis is an educated suspect. Based on what you enjoy erudite and written encircling in the Introduction, recite what you forebode to be the results of the lab processs.
  • Methods
    • Summarize the processs that you used in the lab. The Methods exception should too recite explicitly how facts (numbers) were self-possessed during the lab; this succeed be reverberationed in the Results/Outcome exception.
  • Results/Outcome
    • Provide hither any results or facts that were generated occasion doing the lab process.
  • Discussion/Analysis
    • In this exception, recite explicitly whether you obtained the forebodeed results, and if the consequence was as forebodeed.
    • Note: You can use the lab facts to acceleration you argue the results and what you erudite.

Provide intimations in APA format. This includes a intimation register and in-text citations for intimations used in the Introduction exception.

Give your pamphlet a denomination and enumerate, and realize each exception as certain aloft. Although the theory succeed be a 1-sentence solution, the other exceptions succeed deficiency to be paragraphs to adequately expound your trial.

When your lab reverberation is exhaustive, support it in Submitted Assignment files.