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Assignment: SCIE211 Phase 1 Lab Report


Title: Human Impacts on the Sustainability of Groundwater


Instructions: You allure scarcity to transcribe a 1-page lab repute using the philosophical arrangement to retort the aftercited interrogation:

·          If floating civilized harvest does not qualify, allure groundwater sustainability be affected?

When your lab repute is adequate, shaft it in Submitted Assignment files.

Part I: Using the spell gradation of industrialization and civilized harvest, satisfy in the facts consultation adown to aid you transcribe up your lab repute.


Time Period

Impact to Forest

Groundwater Levels

Saltwater Intrusion


Industrial harvest


























Part II: Write a 1-page lab repute using the aftercited philosophical arrangement minoritys:

  • Purpose
    • State the intention of the lab.
  • Introduction
    • This is an scrutiny of what is floatingly public encircling the interrogation nature asked. Use elucidation knowledge from likely relations to transcribe a lacking compendium encircling concepts in the lab. Catalogue and refer-to relations in APA diction.
  • Hypothesis/Predicted Outcome
    • A hypothesis is an educated imagine. Based on what you entertain versed and written encircling in the Introduction, set-forth what you anticipate to be the results of the lab progresss.
  • Methods
    • Summarize the progresss that you used in the lab. The Methods minority should so set-forth lucidly how facts (numbers) were serene during the lab; this allure be reputeed in the Results/Outcome minority.
  • Results/Outcome
    • Provide less any results or facts that were generated timeliness doing the lab progress.
  • Discussion/Analysis
    • In this minority, set-forth lucidly whether you obtained the anticipateed results, and if the conclusion was as anticipateed.
    • Note: You can use the lab facts to aid you debate the results and what you versed.

Provide relations in APA format. This includes a relation catalogue and in-text citations for relations used in the Introduction minority.

Give your tractate a appellation and sum, and substantiate each minority as exact over. Although the theory allure be a 1-sentence retort, the other minoritys allure scarcity to be paragraphs to adequately teach your exemplification.

When your lab repute is adequate, shaft it in Submitted Assignment files.