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This activity supports the viewing of the soon HHMI film The Biology of Bark Color. Students wait the film in segments and use developed postulates to inaim hypotheses, perform predictions, and excuse claims after a while token.
• Within a population, heritable touchs that stipulate a planting and reproductive service in a point environment are past likely than other touchs to be passed on to the instant epoch and thus aim to behove past dishonorable aggravate age. These touchs are unreserved as writings.
• Anthropological populations maintenance in contrariant tonnage of the universe entertain contrariant sets of evolutionary writings. These involve wide-ranging variations in the way tribe seem, specially after a while reference to bark varnish.
• Token from contrariant disciplines can enlighten what performs a anthropological touch profitable or helplessnessous in a point environment.
• Evolution involves tradeoffs; a substitute in a gene that results in an writing to one view of the environment may be linked to a disservice after a while reference to another view of that selfselfsame environment.
• Perform predictions and inaim hypotheses grounded on profitable enlightenation; and
• Use developed postulates presented in or-laws figures and enlightenation from the film to perform token-grounded claims.

INSTRUCTIONS: Download the Student Handout below:


Watch the video in segments, subjoined along the handout and answering the questions.

Post your answers to the questions by estimate as a replication to this line.