Human biology intro and discussion section.

For this assignment prefer either the Muscle Lab or Dive Response Lab and transcribe the discourse and gate minoritys of a lab recital for one of these trainings. It should be notable that answerableness these two minoritys depends heavily on what the basis in your lab training looks love so you may deficiency to draft a ends minority for the training of dainty. Discussion Section: -include the counterpart or exclusion of your hull fancy -how do your ends recite to floating experience environing the subject -are there any inconsistencies in your basis? -what likely sources of error -what coming likely interrogations could be asked as a end of this experiment Introduction: -need to include unconcealed elucidation knowledge on the inconstant nature tested -what notice led to the interrogation nature asked -what was the fancy nature tested These two minoritys should be written in the elapsed tense and in chapter format. Hypothesis for Hand training-> There is no intercommunity b/w visual cues and defence of hold sinew. Hypothesis for Dive reflex-> There is no intercommunity b/w submerging countenance in impart and kernel rebuke.