Human biology disease/disorder project | Biology homework help


Human Biology Disease/Disorder Project

Goal: To understand how typical assemblage regularityes and homeostasis can befit implicated by abnormal situations in organs and organ classifications such as the property of the guess-work(s) or the malady regularity and how it can reduce animation confluence, sort of animation, activities of daily subsistence, etc. 

Topic: Clarified ONE guess-is-sue or malady regularity pertaining to any of the 11 organ classification in the Human Body. (Please remain delay physiological regularityes instead of psychological guess-works; i.e.; do not clarifieded bipolar guess-work, manic valley, schizophrenia, etc.) Look at the end of each passage in your quantity for proposals.


  1. After you feel clarifieded a      malady or guess-work, discovery the causes and property of the malady /      guess-is-sue using as multifarious of the forthcoming media as feasible: 
    1. textbooks
    2. medical journals
    3. internet (co-ordinate reviewed       Web sites), 
    4. medical dictionaries
    5. interview a protect or       physician that treats the guess-work/disease
    6. interview a unrepining that       exhibits the guess-is-sue or malady (*must feel subject’s leave to       include their counsel in your scheme and a identified acquiesce conceive), and       
    7. any other trustworthy       resources
  2. Produce a scheme to      present the counsel in one of the forthcoming conceiveats:
    1. PowerPoint or Prezi Presentation delay Recorded Voice Over
    2. Brochure using Microsoft       Word
    3. Website (Google Sites)
    4. Infographics (Piktochart or Canva)
    5. A discovery paper
    6. Other scheme of your       choosing (Please email me your proposal)

Information to Include in Your Project

Address the forthcoming questions in your scheme. Be as inferential as feasible.

§ Introduce the call of the malady/guess-is-sue or regularity of imbalance. Does it feel any despicable calls in analysis to its philosophical call? (For example: Amyotrophic indirect sclerosis or ALS is despicablely notorious as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”….and Trisomy 21 is despicablely denominated “Downs Syndrome”

§ Is the guess-work/malady genetically linked? Which chromosome(s) propel the gene(s) for this?

§ What organ or organ classification does the guess-work/malady largely application in humans? How ability it pretend the unimpaired assemblage if it is newfangled?

§ What are the primary symptoms of this guess-work/disease? (What are they key signs a physician looks for in diagnosing a unrepining delay it?)

§ How do these signs/symptoms pretend the unrepining in conditions of accomplishing activities of daily subsistence? (Does it application the ability to plod, confabulation, eat, absterge, glide teeth, is-sue, etc.)

§ What are some sanitary measures to opposed the problems or at lowest diminish the hardship of the problems delay this malady/disorder? (medications, rehabilitative therapies, surgeries, etc.)

§ What is the impact of incident for this malady/disorder? What is the prognosis or eight for a unrepining who has it?