Human biology disease/disorder project | Biology homework help


Human Biology Disease/Disorder Project

Goal: To imbibe how typical substantiality orderes and homeostasis can behove confused by eccentric situations in organs and organ schemes such as the goods of the assumption(s) or the quackery order and how it can abate personality expectancy, nature of personality, activities of daily patronage, etc. 

Topic: Prime ONE assumption or quackery order pertaining to any of the 11 organ scheme in the Human Body. (Please come delay physiological orderes instead of psychical assumptions; i.e.; do not prime bipolar assumption, manic dip, schizophrenia, etc.) Look at the end of each paragraph in your capacity for purposes.


  1. After you entertain primeed a      quackery or assumption, examination the causes and goods of the quackery /      assumption using as abundant of the forthcoming instrument as likely: 
    1. textbooks
    2. medical journals
    3. internet (comrade reviewed       Web sites), 
    4. medical dictionaries
    5. interview a entertain or       physician that treats the assumption/disease
    6. interview a unrepining that       exhibits the assumption or quackery (*must entertain subject’s dispensation to       include their knowledge in your device and a verified submit make), and       
    7. any other likely       resources
  2. Produce a device to      present the knowledge in one of the forthcoming makeats:
    1. PowerPoint or Prezi Presentation delay Recorded Voice Over
    2. Brochure using Microsoft       Word
    3. Website (Google Sites)
    4. Infographics (Piktochart or Canva)
    5. A examination paper
    6. Other device of your       choosing (Please email me your purpose)

Information to Include in Your Project

Address the forthcoming questions in your device. Be as inferential as likely.

§ Introduce the designate of the quackery/assumption or order of imbalance. Does it entertain any sordid designates in adduction to its or-laws designate? (For example: Amyotrophic parallel sclerosis or ALS is sordidly unreserved as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”….and Trisomy 21 is sordidly designated “Downs Syndrome”

§ Is the assumption/quackery genetically linked? Which chromosome(s) push the gene(s) for this?

§ What organ or organ scheme does the assumption/quackery primarily contact in humans? How capforce it concern the entire substantiality if it is radical?

§ What are the main symptoms of this assumption/disease? (What are they key signs a physician looks for in diagnosing a unrepining delay it?)

§ How do these signs/symptoms concern the unrepining in stipulations of accomplishing activities of daily patronage? (Does it contact the force to stride, converse, eat, bathe, touch teeth, is-sue, etc.)

§ What are some sanitary measures to contrary the problems or at lowest abate the hardship of the problems delay this quackery/disorder? (medications, rehabilitative therapies, surgeries, etc.)

§ What is the impact of event for this quackery/disorder? What is the prognosis or prospect for a unrepining who has it?