Genomics and proteomics | Biology homework help

In new years, diversified quick Febrile Illnesses (AFI) possess emerged and some are life-threatening. The clinical treatment of AFI heavily relies on servile baffling defeat of the pathogen, which haply could be bacteria, poison, fungi or parasites. Upon the outburst of AFI, it is expressive for the clinicians to directly recognize the fruitful pathogen so that they could run and conduct constitutional medications suitably extraneously retrogression. Traditional baffling defeat systems may catch different days to weeks to get a fixed disposal of what the pathogens are. However, genomics or proteomics domiciled assays could tremendously growth the sensitivity, specificity and power of the baffling defeat way. Gladden use the recognizeledge we erudite in “Genomic and Proteomic Engineering” to proffer a strategy to prevail-over this clinical defy. You could standpoint on the baffling defeat of the pathogen or the assemblage acceptance. Gladden use the subjoined format to provide your design:

1. Significance (20%), excellent an AFI for your question and teach why this elaboration is expressive, including elucidation recognizeledge;

2. Specific endowment (20%), teach what goals you are attempting to achieve;

3. Elaboration cunning (60%), teach how you are going to do it. The subjoined 3 sections (20% each) must be comprised.  

  • Materials and methods, including inaugurated flowchart and denomination of the technology you proffer to use;
  • Expected results, axioms exposition and Contemplation B (optional) if you are not sanguine if this is going to achievement.
  • Future contemplation, including your ideas of how this could be advance exposed for clinical use.

4. Literature cited


(1). You could proffer to discover one detail pathogen---one bacteria or poison; or you could proffer to differentiate bacteria from poison;

(2) All pathogens should possess their (gene or protein) sequence-domiciled signatures or markers (e.g., if you use PCR methods, you should specifically transcribe out the target DNA sequences, and primer sequences; if you do protein biomarkers, you should transcribe out the call of the proteins and relative antibodies) which could be used for baffling defeat. These sequences could be amply establish in google, or Pubmed or google pupil or NCBI/gene bank.

(3) This is an open-book design, gladden impress open to use internet and library instrument and exhortation notes as references.