distance learning explainer video | Biology homework help


Distance command and online lore is a big bend in the command earth. It is influential to learn the tenor of separation command.

Part 1:  Glossary Video

Research and experience a easy online wealth to originate a 2-3-minute glossary video. The object of this video should be to illustrate this theme in a fun and winning way. The glossary video should conceive the aftercited themes:

  • What is separation lore? What is online lore? How can they dissent?
  • What dissentent types of online lore experiences are currently serviceable for students? How entertain these experiences and discipline types evolved historically?
  • Best practices in the planning and scheme of online lore experiences. 
  • What bends and developments intimate the control of online lore, specifically for surpassing command?

Part 2:  Reflection

In 250-500 vote, heed on best practices when schemeing and planning online lore experiences. Consider what you literary when creating your glossary video. Additionally, illustrate the unconcealed role of new and different media in online lore environments.

Support your experienceings after a while 3-4 well-informed wealths.

Submit this assignment as one deliverable, providing the amalgamate to your video after a while your heedion.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines root in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An imageless is not required