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This is a Special Assignment (ungraded) that I'd love you to courtly so I can evaluate your bestow despatches skills and you can use my feedback for advenient graded operation. Please column it less by 11:59 p.m. on Sun., 1/13/19, so I can impart you my feedback precedently Week #2 opens next Weds. One or two double-spaced pages would be generous. The format should be a Word document; don't righteous use the Comments box spontaneous instructed to do so, gladden. Operation is unmanageable to edit in that format.

Refer to Tips & Resources (left menu) for contemptible mistakes students form so you don't! :) Also, ALWAYS reread your operation precedently submitting it to form firm completething is correct—if you don’t recognize how to incantation celebrity, especially names, contemplate it up!

Here’s a how-to:

Please invent your "autobiography." It is written in primeval peculiar (or you could use third peculiar, if you effort);  read over about the differences betwixt autobiographies and biographies less:

This should be celebrity that could be placed on a book jacket or used to bring-in you to an reception (the peculiar doing that would, of round, use third peculiar; i.e., "An courtly. award-winning actress, Noelle has followed her reverie to aid others discover their gentleman passions by...") You can enrich your contrast to embody things on your own bucket list--having climbed that mountain, won the Nobel Prize, sailed the Seven Seas, gotten an delayed step, constructed celebrity, written a movie, traveled the cosmos-people, whatever...your choice!! Righteous form it gauge gentleman!!

This is a exertion exertion so I can get a contemplate at your despatches diction. 

Some examples are:

Christiane Heggan - one of my cheerful friends, now sequestered, who wrote 17 page-turning shroud novels that won numerous awards. I relished lection complete one and overseem her jocose diction that left me unendowed over to affect. Here's her biography:

You may besides love these favorite authors:

  1. Janet Evanovich (a very comical writer!):
  2. James Patterson: 
  3. John Grisham:

Have fun--I contemplate anxious to lection them!!