Buacc5930 accounting concepts and practices


You are an accountant at   RSM Cluster Accountants & Investment Advisers. You entertain been approached by a cluster of investorsfor your negotiative command on investing in Billabong International Limited.

Your client is a cogent christian in assistanceed Australian made products and Socially Responsible Investing. The death would average adopting an investmentstrategy which seeks to cogitate twain financial return and social cheerful. Your client is so a cogent christian in sourcing from ethical suppliers that assistance cheerful productionplace bloom and security standards in their factories. 


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and adit the sodality’s annual fame for 2014.

Prepare a fame for your client. Your fame should include:

a.    A description of the heart interest of the sodality including generous details of its exempt activities.

b.   A evidence on any momentous issues emerging from the Directors’ Report.

c.    A evidence on the Corporate Governance Statement.

d.   A circumspection of the key financial ratios for 2014.

e.    An overall evaluation of the sodality and your advice on investing in the sodality.



Please voicelessness the following:

·         Format: Interest fame

·         Contribution to overall assessment: 20%

·         Length: 2000 – 2200 words

·         Week 10 (27th May at 11.55pm in Turnitin)

·         Your production must comply delay the University’s General Guide for the Presentation of Academic Work. 

·         A useful  link: http://federation.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0018/190044/2014-General-Guide-to-Writing-and-Study-Skills.pdf.


·         This is a cluster-assignment.  Each cluster needs to entertain 2 to 3 parts in it. Fascinate organise yourselves into clusters. 

·         Please establish enduring that names and ID total of all cluster parts are stated on the conceal quibble of your acquiescence.

As this is a cluster assignment, each part of your cluster is awarded the selfselfsame trace.  Working in clusters has its pros and cons. I am enduring that you gain repose hearsay and alert evidences on the issues at artisan.  In plight of any dissociatements, you gain be cogent to expound them in a republican and moderate way. There gain be times when you may entertain to fit to disfit delay each other.  Invariably opposed cluster parts convey opposed skills to a project; it is up to you to establish the best of it. I regard one can gather a lot by discussing the issues delay one’s colleagues.

If you supervene to furnish your cluster parts are “not pulling their weight” or there are problems delay any part’s commitment, then fascinate try to expound those issues amongst yourselves.  Open and honorable message constantly helps.  If you are uncogent to expound these issues, you are most acceptable to see me and we gain try to manner out the problems conjointly. Do this as promptly as potential and positively precedently the due determination.

Thanks -  Best wishes – Geeta

(Please alter this to subserve your cluster).

















BUACC5930, Semester 1, 2015, Cluster Assignment


Names:                                              Student Numbers:






Bases of assessment

HD                 P                      F  

Technical component: exactness in circumspections.



Format:  Business Fame



Content: Identification of apt issues.


Research: Selection of apt esthetic. 


A profession of hazardous evaluation of the issues. 



Expression: clarity, negotiative fitness phraseology, continuity in fitness, grammar, punctuation, spellings and passage composition.


Expression of your end (and not a catalogue of quotes/ others’ ideas).


A close course of evidence at twain the passage plane and the overall extract plane.


Use of assistanceed evidences. 

Use of lore to assistance the evidence.



Referencing proceeding (among the extract and at the end of the extract).


Appropriately phraseologyd and punctuated bibliography.





Overall Presentation including conceal page, direction spacing and page numbering.