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Biochemistry Term-Paper Requirement and Format


General Topics:


Choose an enzyme or protein to narrate and argue its biochemical and molecular properties, metabolic exercise, physiological roles, and virtual impressions in either (A) cosmical/animal feeding, heartiness, or distemper, or (B) set production/agricultural impressions, such as improvements of produce, opposition to dryness or distemper, cosmical/animal feeding, or industrial-use sort. 


The Monograph must emassemblage the subjoined elements: 

  1. Show the finished DNA continuity of the gene that encodes the protein of your excellent.  Emassemblage the database (i.e. website) from which you conquer the continuity and relation.  Use Genbank and NCBI Molecular Biology Resources to inquiry gene/protein continuity (e.g  Describe little, if pertinent, the gene source, using in a biased organism as an model, such as how multifarious such genes in mouse.
  2. Mark the translation rouse codon and seal codon of the gene; appearance the resultant amino eager continuity encoded by the gene; narrate what is notorious encircling posttranslational and/or cotranslational modifications of the protein.  Cite the relation from which you get the advice.
  3. Describe the enzymatic reaction and metabolic exercise of the protein.  Emassemblage the biased reaction catalyzed by the enzyme and the metabolic pathway/network that this enzyme is implicated in.
  4. Describe how the enzyme/protein is regulated, such as long-term, short-engagement determination, cofactors, etc.
  5. Describe what is notorious encircling the cellular and physiological processes that the protein/gene impacts and how it has the pi.  Cite the relation from which you get the advice.
  6. Evaluate critically the gaps of the floating comprehension encircling the determination and exercise of the enzyme/protein; what past wants to be conversant for a emend intellect of the protein and its exercises for virtual impressions.
  7. Discuss the virtual twist and impressions of the aloft advice in/to cosmical feeding, heartiness, or distemper, or in set growth/agricultural impression, such as emend produce, past opposition to dryness or distemper, emend feedingal appreciate, or emend industrial-use sort.
  8. Propose at last one experiment/examine that you may use to action the intellect of the enzyme/protein or experience the impression of the comprehension for improvements as delineationd in 7. 


Paper format:

1. Length: The engagement monograph should be approximately, but not exceed 10 (yet relations and capacious figures), double-spaced, typed pages, after a while the font extent 12 and 1” latitude at each edge.


2. The format should embody:

1)     Project digest (<1 page).  An unsymbolical of what you’re going to transcribe encircling

2)     Introduction: (1 page or hither).  Little narrate the setting and understanding that transfer to reinquiry encircling the enzyme/topics

3)     Main assemblage of the text: narrate sundry aspects (see aloft) of the enzyme/protein

4)     Approaches and methods (1-2 pages).  For #8, little delineation tentative appropinquationes/methods by which you would omission to use for your projected examine (NOTE: not the appropinquation encircling how you experience advice encircling writing the monograph).

5)     References (1-2 pages).  Including author’s spectry, denomination, chronicle, vol. page number.  Use the format of Journal of Biological Chemistry but emassemblage designation denominations.  



Ref models: 


1.      Pappan, K., Zheng, L., Krishnamoorthi, R., and Wang, X. (2004)  Evidence for and characterization of Ca2+ astringent to the catalytic clime of Arabidopsis thaliana phospholipase Dβ.   J. Biol. Chem. 279, 47833–47839.


2.      Prins, T.W., Tudzynski, P., Von Tiedemann, A.V., Tudzynski, B., ten Have, A., Hansen, M.E., Tenberge, K., and van Kan, J.A.L. (2000)  Molecular interactions in fungal pathogenesis. In Fungal Pathology (Kronstad, J.W., eds) pp. 33-64, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Doedrecht, Netherlands


3.      protein continuity of xxxx



Plagiarism Stay and Reverberation Submission: The College has no tolerance for open acts that defy the standards of academic rectitude. A “zero” sharp-end obtain be absorbed to the engagement monograph if plagiarism is detected in the engagement monograph. To promise academic fairness and eschew plagiarism, comply your engagement-monograph text to “Turnitin”, which isavailable exclusively through the Online Writing Labmodule on their MyGateway. To do this, you click on the Online Writing Lab module on their MyGateway Home page and self-enroll. After that you obtain experience instructions on how to use Turnitin and where to comply their monographs. (If you accept any questions or want help delight continuity your Faculty Resource Center, [email protected], 314-516-6704 or seal by 105 Express Scripts Hall).


Attach the stay reverberation digest at the end of after a while your engagement monograph.