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Literature Review Research Paper



Title of Paper

Provide an preface to your tract providing counsel on your topic and the ocean points that succeed be addressed. Your requirement is to pluck a question of cause to you that can be kindred end to biology.

Length should be at last half a page.






Relationship to Biology

Provide counsel and examples of how your topic relates to biology. You should use at last 2 first references, which can comprise the textbook.

Length should be at last one page.





Synthesis of the Research

Provide counsel on 3 declaration you foundfor your question. For each period, delineate the point, methodology, results, and blank. Once each period is delineated, transcribe a one-paragraph abridgment of your viewpoint on the declaration and how you reflect they are advantageous for furthering that opportunity of examine. You should use at last 3 first references.

Length should be at last 3 pages.


Career Building

Provide 2 examples of how you can improve your race by conducting a erudition review. Explain how these construe internal promotive you complete your advenient race goals. You should use at last 1 first reference.

Length should be at last half a page.





Summarize your tract.

Length should be at last half a page.




Provide a register of your references used. Should be a sum of 6 first references and any other references that you may accept comprised. Make certain you comprise in-text citations.