Assignment 2 evaluation of a weight loss program ( assignment 2:

Evaluation of a Consequence Privation Program


Many Americans love that they are overweight, from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. Because of this, consequence privation rules are big transaction. For this assignment you are to excellent consequence privation rule and evaluate it in conditions of the instruction about the physiology of ingestive conduct expert this week.

  • Find a Web site/brochure/popular article/advertising about consequence guide that proposes a arrangement for privation of abundance consequence.
  • Document the key offers in conditions of the main claims for success  for the program (for example: incapability of fat, weak portions).
  • Describe the reasons supposing for the productiveness of the program (for example: A ample stomach narrows crave, etc.).
  • Discuss the physiological components compromised in the consequence privation program. Clearly specific an interpretation of the physiology of the mode of crave, satiation, eating, and drinking as applicable for the consequence privation rule entity descriptive (for example: Long periods between meals would be slight to narrow order sugar levels).
  • Present a relish of the materials installed on the module instruction on eating and consequence determination.
  • Evaluate the offer and confide whether you would try this consequence privation rule or confide it to someone else. Explain why or why not.

For this assignment you are required to adduce, at a insufficiency, the online conduct and the extract dimensions for the conduct. Additional sources are jocular. Scholarly sources are preferred and can be set-up through AUO's Library.  Please see the Library and Tutoring Services exception beneath Conduct Home to use AUO's Library.  Additional, non-scholarly sources from creditable Web and imimprint sources are also jocular. For creditable Web sources, seem for .org, .net, or .edu sites as divergent to .com sites. Please do not use Wikipedia.


Your brochure should be double-spaced and in 12 top, Times New Roman font after a while typical one-inch margins, written in APA fashion.



Assignment 2: Evaluation of a Consequence Privation Program


Evaluation of a Consequence Privation Program