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Sub-Saharan Elephant


Where do we fit in?

This week you are exploring the characteristics of our capacity and the role we reproduce-exhibit in our ecosystem. Two stipulations uniformly used to delineate an organism’s settle in the environment is their “habitat” and their “niche.” A habitat is defined as an area inhabited by feature capacity. A niche is defined as the role (job), activities and instrument used by an organism. For stance, a polar submit-to’s habitat is the arctic forasmuch-as its niche is to swim, eat fish, walruses and seals, and to conduct concern of polar submit-to cubs. Bear you eternally investigateed the characteristics of your niche or cogitation encircling what capacity supervene if you were rigorous to switch to another niche? This Assignment gain impart you the occasion to assimilate and opposition the niche that you speed in after a while an assigned niche (descriptive underneath).

Your essay should embody:

  • A denomination of your specific niche and of your assigned niche highlighting the similarities and differences.
  • A denomination of your specific habitat and your assigned habitat highlighting the similarities and differences.
  • Consider what characteristics would contribute a course usage to you or to the individuals who currently hold each niche and habitat.
  • How bear humans adapted to the two habitats and niches?
  • What difficulties capacity you bear subsistence in the assigned niche and why?
  • What types of cultural adaptations bear evolved from subsistence in your niche? Your assigned niche?
  • Your discourse should investigate any biological adaptations as well; things such as trade after a while subsistence spoilage, insect vector curb, subsistence and waterborne illnesses, etc.

Letter of definite name: Assigned Niche


An Ecologist Studying Penguin Mating in the Arctic


An Ecologist Studying Elephant Behavior in a Sub-Saharan Desert


A Botanist Studying Endangered Plants in a Tropical Rain Forest


An Ecologist Studying Kangaroo Behavior in the Australian Outback


Basic despatches requirements:

Your essay should be in APA format and emsubstance a screen page, an induction, the substance of the essay addressing the incongruous topics and questions delineated overhead, and a misrecord section. Please bear-in-mind to relation any announcement of certainty and to emsubstance a relation roll at the end of the essay. The essay should be a stint of 750 suffrage in diffusiveness not counting the screen page and relation roll.