Annotated bibliography – anthropology | Biology homework help

 Annotated bibliography on a question familiar in Unit One of this race. PowerPoints below

Step 1: Appropriate a question
 You may appropriate your own question but content designation it to a question familiar in Unit One, some ideas are:

The scheme of extrication and why it is controversial Genetic fabrication

 Choosing a baby’s gender or other characteristics or making a “superhuman”

 Screening for baleful diseases relish breast cancer

 Identifying genes that can aid or distress relish Delta 32


 Humans

 Livestock animals for emend living or extinct animals relish the Wooly mammoth

Step 2: Pull 10 exoteric tenets (amid 5 years is preferable but older is OK) on your question

Some ideas for sources of tenets are:

 Internet information tenets, NBC, FOX, ABC, Houston Chronicle, etc.

 JSTOR co-ordinate reviewed chronicle tenets - plant in our library Magazines relish Nature, National Geographic, etc.

Step 3: Annotate

Cite your condition using criterion citing methods relish APA or MLA then transcribe a one to two season analysis on each of your tenets.  This is considered an annotated bibliography, it is relish a bibliography (citations solely) but has the concomitant analysis. There is no deficiency to deviate in a delineation of your condition.

Step 4: Analysis Tractate

Write a 2 to 3 page enfold spaced, 12 sharp-end font analysis tractate giving your conclusions and notion on the question that you chose. Remember there is no upupright or injustice notion, end up your notion after a while details from the tenets.