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Part I Lake Pi Basics

The three factors normally insufficiencyed to frame subsidence embody (1) ample dampness, (2) lifting means, and (3) wavering. Lake pi snow frames when a delibereprove air bulk (cP, mP, or cA) stirs balance a proportionately affectionate lake deportment. This forms and/or enhances these three factors by:

(1) As delibereprove (and perhaps dry) air stirs balance the affectionate lake, some instil evaporates modifying the air bulk. (This can be great for lake pi snow balance the Great Lakes, but is hither great balance the Great Salt Lake.)

(2) When the lake is affectionateer than the exclusive delibereprove plant a spshort separation is formd. This spshort separation forms a urgency separation. This urgency separation causes air to stir coincidently internal the hardihood of the lake. This is named Thermal Convergence. As the air converges it rises, creating a lifting means.

(3) When a delibereprove air bulk stirs balance the affectionate lake a abrupt flux reprove is formd. Abrupt flux reproves betoken an impermanent sphere.

This video gives a petty balanceview of how lake pi snow frames balance the Great Lakes:

3D Seem at How Lake-Effect Snow Forms! (Links to an palpable seat.)3D Seem at How Lake-Effect Snow Forms!

Part II Great Salt Lake Pi Snow

Similar processes siege-place balance the Great Salt Lake. However, consequently the Great Salt Lake (GSL) is plenteous smaller than the Great Lakes, its lake pi nurture to be hither grave and hither recurrent. But at terms it can quiet form oppressive snowfall in northern Utah.

Recent investigation at the University of Utah has improved the techniques used to apprehend GSL pi snow:

http://wasatchweatherweenies.blogspot.com/2012/02/new-perspectives-on-lake-effect.html (Links to an palpable seat.)

Based on the period overhead, exculpation the aftercited questions:

1. What two terms of year is GSL pi snow most recurrent?

2. What term of day is GSL pi snow most recurrent?

3. The authors signed two key factors in apprehending GSL pi snow: (lake-700mb) spshort separation and (850-700mb) referring-to dampness. How do these two factors conjoin to individualize the appearance of GSL pi snow? (Hint: depict the graph that plots twain of the factors.)

Part III Prospect GSL Pi Snow

Based on the investigation overhead, the authors formd a apprehending dupe that embodys (lake-700mb) spshort separation, (850-700mb) referring-to dampness, 700mb twist superscription and accelerate, and 700-500mb flux reprove to form a probabilistic apprehend of GSL pi snow. You can siege a seem at the dupe short (it updates true term):

http://weather.utah.edu/text/LAKE_EFFECT.txt (Links to an palpable seat.)

Another rule apprehenders use are inhibit schedules. Short is a inhibit schedule apprehenders use for apprehending GSL pi snow:

  • Strong northwesterly career (aligned delay the crave axis of the lake).
  • Consistent twist superscription from the deportment to 700mb.
  • Minimum 16°C (29°F spshort separation betwixt the lake deportment and 700 mb.
  • Large lake-plant spshort separation, favored at misunderstanding.
  • Minimum 65% 850-700mb referring-to dampness.
  • Follows the route of a deportment low urgency order.

Now, you earn be the apprehender!

  • It is November 8th, 2010 at 6pm.
  • A delibereprove face stird through northern UT antecedent in the day and the associated subsidence is starting to taper off.
  • UDOT is wondering if they insufficiency to tend their tend drivers on for balanceterm from now through the early since they heard a hearsay tshort may be lake pi snow.
  • They exotericly enjoy 25 tends out started to cbalance the undiminished Salt Lake Valley.
  • Your job: Individualize the probability of Lake Pi snow and intimate to UDOT how divers tends to tend out balancemisunderstanding in the Salt Lake Valley.
  • Too divers -> Lose coin & Too few -> Safety hazard

 Use the aftercited sphere maps to aid you apprehend the probability of GSL pi snow:



4. Using the maps overhead, invent the treasure of ALL of the factors underneath at 6pm (the exoteric term) AND 6am (the contiguous early). Depict how the treasure or letter of each varys throughout the slumbering.

a. Twist Superscription and Speed

b. Twist Superscription vary from deportment to 700mb

c. Lake deportment sphere

d. 700mb sphere

e. Lake deportment-700mb spshort separation

f. 850-700mb referring-to dampness (hint: seem at Discussion "IL-8 Calculating referring-to dampness from stuve diagram")

g. Location of deportment low

h. Location of 700mb trough

5. Based off the basis you attentive in Question 4, what do you fancy the probability is for Great Salt Lake Pi snow in the Salt Lake Valley during the misunderstanding?

6. How divers snowplows do you fancy UDOT should tend out balancemisunderstanding for the Salt Lake Valley (betwixt 0 and 25)? Why did you elect this compute?

Now, let's see what happened! Siege a seem at the radar imagery for the slumbering, and peruse the subsidence summary:



7. Did your lake pi apprehend confirm? What do you fancy went wickedness or suitable delay your apprehend?

8. Do you fancy you chose the suitable compute of snowplows for the Salt Lake Valley on this misunderstanding? Why or why not?

9. Depict at meanest three reasons why sphere apprehending is challenging.