ActionPlanTitle x

Every time

Action Plan Title

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Program Goal



Action steps to complete

By when

By whom

Resources: What Is Needed for This to Happen?

Progress notes

Focusing direction

As soon as possible

By school stakeholders

A well-organized discussion to share new thoughts and ideas

The children as well as their parents have been given information concerning the matter. Stakeholders are creating time for meetings

Cultivating collaborative cultures

Every time

By a leader

Teaches and other staff members need to be trained and educated on matters to do with collaborative cultures.

The process takes time therefore the implementation is still in progress.

Deepening learning

By the school leaders and teachers

Clarity of learning goals, precision in pedagogy, and capacity building

The school is focusing on employing the Individualized Transition Plan which will benefit the special needs children.

Securing accountability

All the time


Teaches need to find ways of interacting with the students to get feedback on issues they are interested in.

The strategy was mandated and now is awaiting implementation.


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