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Physical Security and Information Governance

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Importance of internal and external security lighting at datacenter facilities

Physical security is usually done to ensure that a data center has a well and advanced security lighting which provides a level of illumination that enable the operators and security personnel to identify individuals as well as objects. The main aim is frequently to generate as psychological deterrent to the unauthorized individual that might want to illegally present themselves at the datacenter and also their activities in the data center. Internal lighting in data centers is important because it prevents accidents which might lead to loss or sabotaged information. It also enables the identification of colleagues because during a break-in, individuals should be able to know the people present (, 2017).

Data centers are supposed to be heavily guarded because the information contained in the servers belong to a lot of people who have trust in the company. External security is therefore important because first it enhances the feeling of safety. External light is also used to investigate an issue taking place outside the data center (The crime prevention website, 2017). Without external lighting, anything happening outside might be impossible to know and even investigate. Another advantage is that it makes it possible to talk with the person outside the gates. Their reaction and behavior could show the security whether they are trustworthy or not. It is also important that the lights are installed in the right place whereby it will be able to be controlled easily.

The synopsis of the article that I found that is about security lighting is as follows. First, the author talks the effects of lighting as well as the ways it prevents crime. He describes this security technique as one which as one which is normal and effective at the same time. However, the author writes that this approach is an invaluable form which forms an almost haphazard part of some other methods that are conventional such as locks, patrols and alarms. The writer also looks more into the need for increased security lighting in various industries (Cericola, R., 2019).

Information governance

I always believe that it is important for business owners to have the mentality that risk could always occur at any moment, as well as the fact that risks do happen and when they do, we just have to find the cause, reduce the damage and continue the process of production. When this happens, it is not always have to do with the business processes. Sometimes risks occur when a team member becomes sick or when a resource that one depended on becomes unavailable when you need it the most. Therefore, this allows me to define risk as any event or condition that pops up suddenly and therefore affecting an individual’s project (Ray, S., 2017).

It is also possible sometimes that a problem will be caused by the simplest activity. What business owners should also know is that when making this plan, the risks are always still uncertain since they have not yet happened. I therefore was able to find out that there are a couple of ways that one could handle risks. For instance, by following the following processes you will be able to handle risks; the first thing is to avoid it, mitigate it when it happens, transfer the risk by taking insurance and the last thing is to accept (Watt, A., 2014). Accepting is done as the last resort when you cannot avoid, mitigate or transfer the risk.

In order to effectively deal with a risk, on should do the following: first identify the risk, analyze it and then respond competently after critically thinking about it. In my opinion, I think risks should be dealt with immediately not just for the business but also for the employees and their reputation. That is why it is important to plan and business owners should also seek professional advice most of the time, more so while generating the response plan.


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