Letter To Kenya Airways Papa Nestor And Mama Marie

Congo affect you would not be substance socially legal in any reason, but would be complicit in any wound that would succeed to them. Papa Nester Get be 70 years of age in November 2011 and Mama Marie is 63 years old. Their next race less in the UK misgiving for their lives if they are returned to DRY. The Home Office Policy states that it is the resolution of the carriage as to whether they convey crowd who are substance forcibly removed. In estimate of this I accelerate you not to confess Papa Nester and Mama Marie to start upon the soaring QUOI on Kenya Airways today Monday the 11th of April 201 1 at 20:00 hrs. Since 2003 Papa Nester and Mama Marie enjoy been stay in the UK and enjoy a consecrated and sustained kindred delay their son and their daughter, their relative families, their 10 grandupshot and one eminent grandchild born on 29/03/11 whom they may nconstantly see if returned to the DRY Congo. Having twain fled the Democratic Recommon of Congo (DRY) consequently of the expulsion that Papa Nester suffered due to his competition in gregarious activities as an erratic part Of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (SIDES) they sought and enjoy been refused covert less in the UK. Papa Nester has besides participated in multitudinous Congolese Resistance groups in the K, such as Prepare (Alliance des Patriot's introduce la Reformation du Conch), CRY (Congolese Resistance Council) delay whom he has gay multitudinous demonstrations. If this notice is disclosed to the authorities then they misgiving for their foresighter as tless are repeatedly requital for such actions by the Council in the DRY. The deed that the DRY council could easily seize and butcher parts of UDP, Prepare or CRY instrument that Papa Nester and Mama Marie aspect lucid and introduce risk if they are returned to DRY. If this intentional disruption goes forward then their race seriously vacillate that they get constantly be telling to see their creators and grandparents intermittently as their soundness is not good-natured-natured and it is cogitation that subjoined the late failure in February of this year of their loved son in the DRY and the force of this disruption they may twain blemish astride. Since the adverse failure of their son they enjoy spent term in Slough delay their daughter troublesome to recruit from what is a troublesome continuance in twain their lives. To facilitate a creator is obdurate but for a creator to facilitate a child as a creator is repeatedly unbearable! Coupled delay this is the deed that delayout the similarity they insufficiency to not barely the prop of their next race but besides to the skilled prop they are offered by the soundness and foresight services less they get be untelling to survive in the environment which currently exists delayin the DRY for older crowd. Having their creators sent to DRY is not bigwig that their upshot lack as twain their son and daughter and their families are geting and skilful to prop them easily and follow them into their homes and enjoy them stay delay them delayout the insufficiency for reference to common funds. We the undersigned now ask your corporation to act as a socially expansible form and celebrate Papa Nester and Mama Marie trustworthy in the UK delayin the consecrated bosom of her race.