Advanced Seminar in Criminal Justice


For my Capstone Project I choose Crime Analysis Technology and techniques of fighting crimes. There is so much crime solving, current or cold case based on ever-evolving technology and the access it gives crime fighters. I believe extensive research and knowledge of this topic is researchable as well as presentable. The current technology and social media craze, law enforcement needs to take advantage of it and to society needs to be knowledgeable of how safe or dangerous it can be.

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Advanced Seminar in Criminal Justice
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This is the first section of your Final Project. Please write the introduction portion of your final research project, proposing a non-experimental research topic rooted in a law enforcement issue. 

This paper should include the following topics:

· Identify an agency or organization, where you would like to implement a law enforcement initiative with an organization in the private or public sector organization such as a police department, an educational/civic – police partnership, state or federal agency, etc. (it may also be a generic organization such as “a local police department”).

· Provide a description of this organization (size, demographics, jurisdiction, purpose)

· The need for this initiative.

Define the stakeholders of the initiative, including the target audience 

2-3 pages APA


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