Advance Nursing Research (Interview)

You should have “met” with an expert clinician who works and/or studies in your chosen research area of interest (for example, masters or doctoral-prepared nurse, MD, PsyD, PhD, PA). 

My area of interest is: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

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Advance Nursing Research (Interview)
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This person might be a colleague or peer where you are currently employed, a local hospital or other organization, an author of a research paper you read, or someone you found during an Internet search. 

You could have met with this person in person, using Zoom, or over the phone, but your conversation must be a “verbal discussion” that lasts approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

During the interview, you should have asked the expert: 

1. What gaps in knowledge in the science they believe exist? their recommendations they have for you to conduct research to figure out how to fill these gaps. 

Other questions asked should have included:

– What recommendations do they have for you to explore these knowledge gaps?

– What articles and journals do they recommend for you to read?

– Which organizations would be relevant for you to join and participate in that relates to your clinical research area of interest?

– What tips do they have for being a clinician researcher in nursing research?

After completing your interview, please respond to the following:

– Write a 250– to 300–word summary of what you learned from the interview.

– Write a reflection on how the interview will help guide you in your research as you are thinking about an EBP, QI, or novel research proposal that you will be working on throughout the course.

– Include at least two scholarly sources to support your summary and reflection.



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