The Primary Stock Markets in Saudi Arabia Discussion


Data Commencement and Methodology.

  • Results and Conclusions.
  • References.
  • Guidelines :
  • - should state how to bearing the peculiar of the separation. . The use of references is a must.
  • - Do not do financial ratios, no want for financial comparison

- Detail the basis commencement in what past, who are the key players.

- Elementary store communicate where securities are created, so the elimination should be on this topic

- Decribe manager roles for elementary and unimportant communicates.

- who are the key player as underwriters in this elementary communicate, such as advisory and accounting firms in restoration to boarding banks

- what is the process of underwriting ? how abundant firms implicated or attested to do it-

- Detail your methodolgy : the harvest of elementary communicate in KSA using statiscal pattern.