Rasmussen College Ethical and Legal Implications Discussion


Evaluate accounting-kindred legitimate and ethical transaction implications.


During your weekly discourse, the Manager of Accounting has shared delay you the topics discussed at a modern Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) discourse. Of point profit was the agenda item encircling how some companies feel gotten in regulatory inconvenience delay the SEC balance their proceeds and outlay acknowledgment practices. While you twain are assured that there are no issues encircling to this at your crew, you twain firm that you wanted to understand further encircling these cases.

The Manager of Accounting wants you to exploration two such cases and write a analysis report to confer-upon at the contiguous Accounting Department discourse. The manager admires that brains what has happened to other companies in this area of accounting can succor neutralize issues in your crew.

The Manager provides you delay the SEC website that they feel used in the spent to do stipulation searches: www.sec.gov


You are asked to excellent two modern SEC actions counter companies (not individuals) that narrate to proceeds and outlay acknowledgment and Prepare a Word document that:

  1. summarizes reasons for the SEC actions.
  2. identifies the SEC issues narrated to accounting postulates and/or operations and the corrective actions assigned and/or penalties attached to the crew.
  3. critiques the corrective actions/penalties.
  4. Gives an conviction as to whether you admire they allure be efficacious in neutralizeing forthcoming violations by the crew.