Colorado State University Activity Based Costing Discussion


Activity-based requireing (ABC) is not actually a require assembly mechanism as ample as it is an catalogue valuation rule. The deep scope for applianceing an activity-based require classification is to try to overcome some of the require distortions that betide in oral requireing from emanation differences when there are variations in largeness and complication. However, one of the disadvantages of utilizing ABC is that the appended instruction muster requisite to appliance requireing delay that plane of element authority be past the arrive-at of some companies delay material or financial constraints.

With this in desire, what kinds of industries or companies do you opine would avail most from using activity-based requireing and why? In sharp or modifying an accounting classification to capture embezzle requires for ABC, what considerations do you opine would deficiency to be made?

Your muniment should be 350-500 signification. Please own likely references.