Certainly, adults have different interests, strengths, and comfort zones. 


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Assignment 2: Differentiation and Personalization

Certainly, adults have different interests, strengths, and comfort zones. Listening to a fascinating 90-minute lecture, creating an invention, giving an interactive 30-minute presentation, crafting a heartfelt essay, or making a video of a groundbreaking experiment are all examples of activities that involve learning. It is likely that one of these experiences sounds more interesting to you than the rest, or there may be one that you would immediately remove from this list. Children are no different. The same approach or activity will not always engage every child. The same skill or learning objective can be achieved in many ways.

Another consideration related to learning activities is examining the developmental and cognitive levels of individual learners. The same activity can be imagined at a variety of levels to match, or reasonably challenge, the ability of each learner.

For this module’s Assignment, you will develop a conference presentation on differentiating learning experiences for young children.

To Prepare:

Imagine that you have been asked to present on the topic of differentiating and personalizing learning experiences for young children at your state’s AEYC conference. You will develop:

· a proposal for your presentation

· an outline of your session, including at least two interactive elements that promote audience participation

· a narrated PowerPoint deck

· a handout for participants

By Day 7 of Week 6

Create a 20-slide minimum PowerPoint with notes and/or written narration for your presentation that provides evidence-based information addressing the following:

· How  and personalization  promotes healthy develop ment and learning in early childhood settings.

· How project-based learning exemplifies personalization, and differentiation, with specific examples.

· How the workshop approach exemplifies personalization and differentiation, with specific examples

· At least two additional approaches or strategies for differentiation/personalization that support active engagement in meaningful learning experiences for all children, with specific examples.

· How the strategies and approaches can support children with diverse learning needs and strengths, including children who are learning English as a second language

Cite at least 5 scholarly resources to substantiate your thinking.

The Workshop Model: Tips and Strategies for Your Classroom




Método de Proyectos


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