341 Assignment 2 (Adler)

PSYC 341

Essay Assignment Instructions

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341 Assignment 2 (Adler)
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Throughout this course, you will complete three essays. These essays will focus on three different theories of personality and will include biblical integration and scholarly references. Understanding the connection between the theories you are studying, and the Scriptures is vital.


In each essay you will:

· Answer the prompt with at least 500 words of content.

· Be sure to use current APA formatting through the assignment.

· A title page is not required, but a reference page is required.

· Please use third person writing.

· There should be at least three references in total.

· Two scholarly journal articles are required (published within the last 5 years)

· The Bible must also be included as a reference

· Be sure to use in-text citations throughout the essay.

· The in-text citations should match the references listed on the reference page and vice versa.

Essay Prompt:

Essay: Adler Examine Adler’s 3 safeguarding tendencies in the text. Select 1 of the tendencies and compare that tendency with instances of safeguarding that you find in Scripture. Demonstrate how that situation would have been improved if safeguarding tendencies were not used.



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