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Writing text:

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Read both selections:

Us and Them, David Sedaris, pp 883 – 889

Who is Malala? Malala Yousafzai, pp 900 – 905

 For the Written Text answer, the following questions:

1. What is author’s purpose in each piece?

2. Describe the tone of each story.  Share a section of each that illustrates the tone and mood.

3. Compare and contrast the two pieces.  What elements are similar?  What elements are different? Which is more effective in reaching the author’s purpose?

250 words

Visual Text:

1. Compare and contrast the following portraits. You can identify them as Left, Middle, Right.

2. Describe each one by using sensory details, the tone or mood the portraits present.  

3. Imagine who one of these men are and write a brief (two sentences) biography.

250 words

Posts discussing written texts should include quotes with APA in-text citation and reference.


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